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  1. Circus Of Lies

From the recording Dark Mazes

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Lyrics: J. Cundiff/L. Campbell
Music: J. Cundiff, G.Bogue, A. Haakenson


You got me tied up in your head
To the brass poles of your bed
You're giving me the royal tour
I'm only tryin' to get to the door
I gotta get out of this place
I gotta get away from your face
And still you have me trapped in your web of lies
In the drowning pool of your eyes

You're telling me that you want more
You're telling me what I got in store
That everything I used to know
Has only been part of your show
You're really playing hard on my mind
And I'm the blind leading the blind
But still you have me trapped in your Web of lies
In the drowning pool of your eyes

Tell me who you are today
Do you still want to blow me away
Am I just a dream in your head?
Can't we just make love instead?
Is it me you've been waiting for?
To dance through your black door?
So you can slowly dance into my brain
And trap me in your circus of pain

All you ever wear is black
I'm past the point of turning back
I'd follow you anywhere
Take what you have to share
I'm hypnotized by your eyes
I've swallowed your sweet lies
I'm not seeking any other doors
I want to be part of your world